Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2009

Screamers - The Demos 1977-78 & In A Better World

Und weil es so schön war, geht's gleich weiter.

The Screamers were a punk rock group active in the Los Angeles, California area in the late 1970s.


A1 The Beat Goes On
A2 Thru The Flames
A3 Sex Boy
A4 If I Can't Have What I Want (I Don't Want Anything)
A5 She's The Girl
A6 I Wanna Hurt
A7 122 Hours Of Fear (Part 1)
B1 ...122 Hours Of Fear (Part 2)
B2 Punished Or Be Damned
B3 Government Love Affair
B4 Peer Pressure
B5 In A Better World
B6 Vertigo
B7 Magazine Love
B8 It's A Violent World

The Demos 1977-78


Part I

Live at The Whisky, LA 1/7/78
1. Vertigo
2. The Beat Goes On
3. Magazine Love
4. Government Love Affair (Don't Pay The Whore)
5. I Wanna Hurt
6. Peer Pressure
7. If I Can't Have What I Want, I Don't Want Anything
8. Punish Or Be Damned
9. It's A Violent World
10. I'm Going Steady With Twiggy

Pat Garrett Demos 7/7/77
11. Matar Dolores

Demos 78/79 ?
(recorded by David Cambell & Renee Daalder)
12. I'm A Mensch
13. The Scream
14. Need A Head-On (Why The World)

Live at Mabuhay Gardens, SF 9/2/78
15. 122 Hours Of Fear
16. Vertigo
17. Last 4 Digits
18. Magazine Love
19. Beat Goes On
20. Punish Or Be Damned
21. In A Better World

Part II

Live at The Whisky, LA 1-6-78
1. The Beat Goes On
2. In A Better World
3. Punish Or Be Damned
4. If I can't have what I want, I don't want anything
5. GO guy
6. Magazine love
7. Vertigo
8. Sex boy
9. Violent world

Radio spot, Tomata
(played on KROQ in LA for 7/19-21/79 shows)
10. Roxy radio spot

Demos 78/79
(recorded by David Cambell & Renee Daalder)
11. Need A Head-On (Why The World), The Scream

Live 78 (at The Whisky 7/1/78)
12. Eva Braun
13. 122 Hours of Fear
14. Mater Dolores
15. Thru The Flames (She Frightens)
16. Magazine Love
17. Vertigo
18. Sex Boy

Pat Garrett Demos 7/7/77
19. If I Can't Have What I Want, I Don't Want Anything

Units - Digital Stimulation

"The Units are a defunct, early Electronic music/punk rock/New Wave/Synthpunk band founded in San Francisco in 1978 and active until 1984. One of America's first electronic new wave bands, they are widely cited (along with The Screamers from L.A.) as pioneers of a genre now known as "synthpunk." The Units were notable for their use of synthesizers in place of guitars, and multimedia performances featuring multiple projections of satirical, instructional films critical of conformity and consumerism..."

1. High Pressure Days
2. Digital Stimulation
3. Warm Moving Bodies
4. Go
5. Mission
6. Cannibals
7. Bugboy
8. Tight Fit
9. Passion Or Patterns
10. Town By The River
11. Cowboy

Digital Stimulation

Track 1 - 11 nur Knüller! 1978 ging die Scheisse ab!
New Wave/Synthpunk vom feinsten. Mit Screamers hätten die ruhig mal Zug fahren und die Waggons auseinandernehmen können. Aber Hallo!

Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009

Montag, 5. Oktober 2009

Infinity Window

Axolotl / Infinity Window - Split (2008)

A1 Axolotl - Ur 12:21
A2 Axolotl - Krur 1:54
B1 Infinity Window - Bone Mosaic I 8:23
B2 Infinity Window - Bone Mosaic II 6:29

Infinity Window - Trans Fat (2008)

1 Foaming Tusk 6:56
2 Trans Fat 13:52
3 Panama Rose 14:26

Infinity Window - Artificial Midnight (2009)

A1 Sheets Of Face 7:56
A2 Internal Compass 7:36
B1 Skull Theft 11:10

Treetops / Infinity Window - Tour Split (2009)

A Treetops - The Shape Of The Universe 8:18
B Infinity Window - Field Of Vision 9:11

Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

Topaz Rags - California Ash & Tarot Harem

Topaz Rags - California Ash (2008) cassette on Not Not Fun.

Topaz Rags - Tarot Harem (2009) on Not Not Fun