Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Mark McGuire

-Mark McGuire is the guitarist of the Cleveland drone outfit Emeralds, but his solo work is prolific to say the least. McGuire utilizes a loop pedal, distortion pedal, and weed (I'm assuming) to create his meditative, psychedelic "Jamz". McGuire's guitar work washes over the listener as you get lost in his chords-

Nate Scheible & Mark McGuire - Untitled (2008)

Amethyst Waves (2008)

An Old Hag's Cackle Pt. II (2008)

Dream Team (2008)

Guitar Meditations (2008)

Let Us Be The Way we Were (2008)

Light Movement (2008)

Off in the Distance (2008)

Open Chords (2008)

Prehistoric Blackout/Mark McGuire - Split (2008)

The Garden of Eternal Life (2008)

A Pocket Full of Rain (2009)

Losing Sleep (2009)

Stranger Than Paradise (2009)

Tidings II (2009)

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