Sonntag, 22. November 2009

Elegi Discography

Elegi - Sistereis

“Sistereis" is still a singular experience and it's uniqueness should make it an absolute must for anyone interested in modern classical composition, doom, or electronic ambient.


Elegi - Varde

"After his glorious “Sistereis” album from 2007 Tommy Jansen, aka Elegi, returns with his second album for Miasmah. “Varde” is, again, an immensely atmospherical album but this time it’s not about shipwreck but about polar explorers and the sublime environment into which they advance, aspiring to reach the pole first. I don’t think the album narrates any explorer’s particular story. There are documents printed in the booklet (designed, as always with Miasmah releases, by labelhead Erik Skodvin (aka Svarte Greiner)) and there’s what I take to be an authentic historical audio document that features heavily in the final track, “Den Store Hvite Stillhet”. But these seem to be about different journeys, shifting the focus from narrative to stasis, ambience, landscape. And to the melancholy induced by the explorers’ hubris."


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